Sunday, 20 November 2016

A New Campaign and a Fresh Start

Its fair to say my writing has taken a temporary back seat over the last 12 months which was not my intention however as I embarked on producing videos of my sessions during that period it naturally fell that way.  I always wanted to produce films and vlogs if you like, of my fishing and early this year saw me start this long awaited project.  I have to say I really enjoyed the filming, especially the wildlife which was now captured on film and not just a memory fused into a fishing session and although I made my best efforts for it not to affect my sessions it was inevitable that some fishing time was lost when setting up the cameras and locating ideal filming positions. The editing was a real eye opener, removing unwanted footage, choosing the best scenes and deciding the pace at which the video took was intriguing as well as time consuming, so almost 12 months down the line with a few videos and a short barbel film under my belt my passion for writing has been reignited and I aim to marry both the filming and writing together on a regular basis.

My intention is for the two to compliment each other, going forward my filming will be more about being on the bank, capturing the atmosphere, highs, lows and wildlife and not really instructional.   I am hoping that is where the blog will fill in the gaps detailing more the tactics, rigs etc.

I will carry on filming my fishing adventures making short vlogs of my sessions so regular content is being added to my youtube channel, however I will have one or two bigger projects ongoing, one of which will be my time on a new syndicate venue.  The venue in question comprises of two lakes both being renowned for being tricky waters, even the smaller one at 4 acres does not give up it residents easily. This is what my video diaries will mostly be based on, the smaller more intimate water with monthly updates on my progression trying to work out the lakes secrets.

 The larger lake at 18 acres offers a real challenge, being shallow, weedy and rather wind swept at times seems rather daunting however due to its location, I will be able to do quick overnighters which will help me in the long run I'm sure, in learning the carps habits.  This will be an ongoing project which I am hoping to produce a full length film which will feature some stunning footage as well as some stunning carp that reside within its waters.

My first video diary will be ready prior to Christmas, with the ticket starting in November its not an ideal time to start a campaign on a new venue however I am building up a picture of the water already which I'm sure will stand me in good stead for the Spring.  The close season on the lakes are for 6 weeks running from January until mid February in that time I intend to do some pike or chub fishing so look out for those on my youtube channel.

I have set myself a target of landing at least one carp from the water and I will be trying my best to do so, however with these plummeting temperatures and only a few sessions between now and the new year it will be a real challenge however, that is what I enjoy.

I managed to film some of the carp head and shouldering on my last visit, it was great to watch albeit very frustrating being just yards from my bait!  This short video can be seen on my youtube channel by clicking on the link at the top of the page.  
So there we have it, I'm hoping to make it "A Season to Remember", I hope you enjoy reading about it and also watching it, as much as I enjoy making it.  Tight Lines

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