About Me & PB's

Here is my list of Personal Best Coarse fish, it includes some nice specimens, however it can be greatly improved upon in my opinion and that is what I intend to do in my future fishing sessions. 
Red: Updated in the last 6 months

Carp : Common - 39lb 7oz
           Mirror - 28lb 6oz
           Grass - 31lb 10oz

Barbel : 9lb 8oz

Perch : 3lb 6oz

Tench : 7lb 14oz

Bream : 11lb 1oz

Chub : 5lb 2oz

Pike : Stillwater - 17lb 12oz           River - 15lb 10oz

Grayling : 2lb 9oz

Catfish : 20lb 3oz

Roach : 1lb 8oz

Zander : 5lb

My angling started, like most other youngsters of my generation, on running water, normally fishing a float for roach, dace and gudgeon.  I then started to pursue chub and spent many years, solely in search of old rubber lips from a local river which resulted in my current PB for the species which was caught over 10 years ago!. 

It was inevitable at some point my fishing would evolve into chasing carp, and once I had visited a few day ticket fisheries, I joined a couple of syndicates and fished almost exclusively for them for many years, with some very memorable catches and even more fond memories.  Eventually the travelling and spending 2 or 3 nights on the bank away from home took their toll. 

I decided my fishing needed a new direction.  I rejoined my local angling club and got back on the rivers after barbel, chub and grayling.  I would now class myself as an all-rounder, fishing for a variety of species using a variety of methods.

I hope you decide to join me on my future angling adventures for fish to improve on the above list.  Not all my fishing sessions will be in pursuit of bigger fish, I hope to have some fun along the way.