Monday, 14 September 2015

Late Season Tench

With just a few hours spare it was only going to be a quick visit, however it would be good to familiarise myself with the lake once again now the Autumn had arrived.  

I used my usual tactics, a spread of boilie, helicopter rigs and a critically balanced bait on the hair.  The day in question saw blazing sunshine, a real Indian summer few days were on the cards.  I climbed a nearby tree to hopefully spot a few fish, however I saw nothing moving and saw no movement in the shallows just to my right.  I decided to sit it out on my known spots that produced in the summer.

After a couple of hours just gone midday, with the sun at its highest and hottest my rod tore off and the alarm alerted me to a vicious take.  The weed at this time of year was very thick and twice the fish found sanctuary causing me to keep the pressure on and slowly pull the fish through, eventually a pretty tench around 4 1/2 pounds was safely in the net.

The fish was in great condition after spawning and obviously feeding again in preparation for the colder months ahead.  The tench was returned and I recast the rod.  I didnt have to wait long within 15 minutes I was into my second fish which turned out to be another lovely looking Tench in the 4lb bracket.  A brace of fours in the blazing heat, in the middle of the day, you just never know with this fishing lark!

The dragonflys were in abundance and I did manage to capture a courting couple that sat still for a few seconds.